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  • Meat is full taste Well-developed and exquisite
  • Fresh scallops
  • On the tip of the tongue of the crab
  • Climb the shrimp


On the day of fishing。Fresh oysters,Sea water is rinsed clean。Oysters are natural growth,Size can't be very even,But the fat,Smell fresh。


Scallops and sea cucumbers、Abalone,As the three treasures of seafood。His tender,High nutritional value。

Climb the shrimp

Great taste,Prices are low,For coastal aquatic products。Now also be coastal city hotel restaurant popular on table delicacies。


Golden autumn season,Chrysanthemum is sweet crab fertilizer,Is the best season to taste the crab。Is an essential part of autumn health diet,Delicious and keeping in good health。

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Weihai sheng trading co., LTD. The main business scope:Weihai boutique wholesale oysters and other seafood。Companies to adopt double channels online wholesale marketing model,The main“CongShiLi to rim”Brand,“CongShiLi to rim”Oyster grows in the rippling blue,No any pollution - the south China sea,High quality decided the oyster's remarkable ecological quality。It's known as the high-quality goods of oysters!The company is acted on“Cooperation、The good faith、Professional、Win-win situation”The management idea,The good faith management,Attentively service customers,Steady development,Expanded gradually!Welcome friends from all over the country to come to cooperation,Xu trade,Seek common development。

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Home advantage depths of the sea800M

The deep sea800M

Thick juicy meat consumption,Progressive transformation,Early was the smell of sea water,And consumption of aromatic taste like the taste of the sea at the bottom of the ripples。

Home advantage north latitude37°

Northern latitude37°

Weihai crown sheng trading co., LTD. Is located in north latitude37°,Advantageous geographical location,Sunshine time is long,The water quality of fertile,Water is clear and clean。Good water quality of microorganisms,Seafood is delicious enough。On the day of fishing,BuXian hair now,Keep fresh。

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Pipi shrimp cultivation method
Release time:
Adding hydrophilic mantis shrimp to choose natural sea area has been farmed or mating female mantis shrimp。 While body length8Can breed centimeters of above,But in order to ensure the quality,Improve the brood,Appropriate choice in long11Centimeters of above、In weight30Grams or more。In addition when kiss mantis shrimp,Pay attention to the mantis shrimp from water time is shorter,Gonad development degree is better,The body strong,Appendages is complete,No scars,Strong vitality,Bright color,Sensitive response to external stimuli。Pro mantis shrimp after the takeover shall be shipped to the seedling plants as soon as possible,In the pool temporarily keep nurturing。With fresh water ship transportation、Nylon bag filling oxygen transport,Dry moisture transport and canvas bucket with water transport, etc
How to select good crab
Release time:
A.The dark green crab shells every shell back in,With the light,For the flesh thick chunky;Shell back yellow,Most of the thin。 2.See navel navel stick out,A ship is anointed fat;Dents,Most of the fat body。 3.See chela foot every chela foot down,Chela sufficient LaoJian;And no villi chela foot,Soft body。 Four.Vigor will crabs rolled over,Belly up,Can quickly turn it with sting foot going back,Strong vitality,Can be saved;Not going back,Energy is poor,Storage time is not long。 Five.The male and female in the lunar September pick female crab,After the September chosen male crab,For male and female crab respectively in the two
How to deal with scallops
Release time:
1、Choose the scallops,Common is living scallop shell closed tight,Open with the hand a touch not to mention the tighten soon。On the other hand,Open a lot,With the hand touch no reaction of nature, is dead。2、Buy fresh scallops,Must wash first shells on the sediment。3、With a knife,Recommend western food knife。The knife into his shell,Will be an open shell in two,At the same time, it will cut the conch shell meat inside。At this point you will see on either side of the shell with the meat。4、A knife again,On the bottom of the shell,Shell meat completely eliminate。This step must be close to the bottom of the shell,To carve out a complete
The effect of oyster and function
Efficacy and function:Salty,Slight cold。Return to the liver、Bravery、Kidney meridian。Flat liver Yang;The town of nerves;Soft firm fights;Convergence is acerbity。The main dizziness tinnitus;Horrified to insomnia;Scrofula gallae;Remove lump a lump in the abdomen;Since the sweat night sweats;Spermatorrhea;Ren;Taken down。Strong liver glycogen yuan detoxification oysters are associated with energy storage in the liver and muscles,And cell division、Regeneration、The activity of red blood cell has a deep relationship,Can improve liver function,Restore fatigue,Enhance the strength。In the oyster of taurine can promote the secretion of bile,Eliminate accumulation of neutral fat in the liver,Improve the liver detoxification。Oysters contain lots of improve sexual function