Chongqing and swim electromechanical co., LTD(The swimSH 603758),Was established1995Years,Is engaged in the automobile engine power system core key parts and transmission parts matching production of professional manufacturers,Is a concentration of casting and machining integrated automotive components manufacturing enterprises。 

       Company main products are automobile engine cylinder cover、The cylinder block(Cast iron/Cast aluminum)、The crankshaft and transmission housing/Shell, etc;And have complex structures。

       The total area for the company319,423Square meters,Have a strong team of professionals,Formed in niche car engine power system and transmission system produce millions of pieces of the size of the casting and machining integrated production base。

       After nearly 20 years of development,The company has accumulated rich experience in industry practice,Have strong development ability and manufacturing ability;And with its excellent products、Stable quality performance、The high quality service and competitive costs,Become the car manufacturers trustworthy partner;And seek common development with customers in the fierce market competition to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results。

       As the company success of landingAShares of capital market,The company started“Reengineering to upgrade”Plan, At the same time of existing business sector development growth, Layout in the new energy sector;The company(Automobile new technology institute of North America)Will the implementation of the new energy projects。


          Companies with highly comprehensive and profound professional casting and machining integrated development capability、Manufacturing capacity,Not only can provide many categories of high quality products to our customers, But also can provide the customers with the integration of multiple options integrated services and differentiated services personality。

          The company non-ferrous casting process covers the low pressure casting、Gravity casting(Full automatic ItalyFATALine)、Gravity rotated(Automatic AustriaFILLLine)、High pressure casting(Automatic Swiss buhler/Japan's ube die-casting island)Wait for a variety of technology path;At the same time,Black casting process with GermanyHWSAutomatic and automatic level of casting production line。

          Company machining ability cover cylinder cover、The cylinder block(Cast aluminum/Cast iron)、The crankshaft、Gearbox shell products such as rough machining、Semi-finishing and finishing ability;The main equipment from Japan Toyota、Japan's big Wei、Japan komatsu、Toyo、Germany's green、Germany hacken saite industry leading equipment manufacturers at home and abroad。

          Company of multipath craft skills, and match with manufacturing capabilitiesCore competence、Alloy with ability、Heat treatment capacity、Laboratory testing capabilities、Seamless link and validation capabilities,Formed a self-contained system of independent research and development and manufacturing,Able to meet the various demand customer segmentation。


          The company has a deep theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience of professional engineering and technical development team,The system solutions and the accumulation of technical know-how,We in the two aspects of casting and machining has strong development capabilities,Can meet the demand of customers different products of technology development。At the same time,CAEAndCADSuch as development tool、DOEAs well as internal machining verification to the success of product development and production provides a powerful guarantee。


          The company has a comprehensive internal lab testing and testing capacity:Including the sand analysis、Material chemical composition test、Hydrogen content detection、Carbon sulfur analysis、Mechanical performance test、IndustryCTScan、Three-dimensional full size detection, etc,Can well satisfy the process control in the product development and product testing requirements。


TS16949/ISO14001Qualification certification

      The quality is fine control of the whole process of production and management,Its across from raw material incoming inspection,Manufacturing various process such as strict monitoring to ensure the quality of products the steady state performance and stability of the delivery;At the same time in the process of product development and production,Using the advanced quality planning(APQP),Product approval process(PPAP)、Failure mode analysis(FMEA)、Statistical process control(SPC)、Measurement system analysis(MSA)The industry such as a variety of quality management tools,Improve the quality of the systematic control connotation。In addition,The company vigorously promote preventive mistake proofing measures and continuously improve the quality of the concept,Strive to build more lean quality management model。

      In line with the pursuit of excellence quality tenet is to serve the customers,The company through unremitting efforts and continuous improvement,To provide high quality products to our customers,In the fierce competition in the industry to win the survival and development;Together with the customer in the face of highly competitive market to achieve the win-win cooperation partnership。


      The customer needs and expectations is our power to go on,In line with the ultimate goal of the customer is supreme,We continuously exceed、The pursuit of excellence,Whether in new product research and development、The delivery of products,Or in the business cooperation、The good faith management, etc, have been a number of honor;Not only gain professional recognition customers and industry field;At the same time,Was awarded the honorary title of a number of government departments at various levels of your area。

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